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5 min readApr 7, 2022


Introducing Coinwink NFT — a free web app that helps you to track non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with NFT floor price alerts, NFT watchlist, and NFT portfolio.

The app supports NFT collections that are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and are available in the OpenSea marketplace. You can add new NFT collections to the app easily.

While the NFT market is not yet as big or active as the cryptocurrency market, it still has similar challenges: how to track different assets (NFT ERC-721 tokens VS coins or ERC-20 tokens) across different asset classes (NFT collections VS blockchains or project tokens), and how to automatically track the main value indicator of your assets (NFT floor price VS coin or token price).

Inspired by the Coinwink app design, architecture, and functionality, Coinwink NFT is helping NFT investors to automate the NFT market tracking in order to get important information easily, and without the need to spend a lot of time or effort.

This is achieved with the help of NFT Floor Price Alerts, and such tools as the NFT Watchlist and NFT Portfolio. Below these new Coinwink NFT features are explained in detail.

NFT Floor Price Alerts

Don’t waste time manually watching NFT orders on OpenSea. Automate this task with Coinwink NFT Floor Price Alerts.

No more need to actively wait for a collection’s floor price decrease, or for a blitz discount (e.g. a sell order 30% below market price). No more need to worry that you will miss your NFTs going “to the moon” when you are not actively watching them.

Similarly as Coinwink users are using crypto alerts to automatically track their cryptocurrency assets, with the Coinwink NFT floor price alerts you can track your chosen NFT collections, and receive alerts by email when your predefined floor price conditions are met.

Coinwink NFT floor price alerts are completely free. At any given moment, you can create and manage up to 100 alerts. These include both active and already activated (inactive) alerts. You can delete inactive or unnecessary alerts, and instead create new ones.

There are no limits on how many alerts you can receive.

The floor price data is updated and alerts are sent every minute.

NFT Portfolio

Coinwink NFT Portfolio is a tool that tracks individual NFTs from different NFT collections in one single and easy to access view.

You can use the Portfolio to track NFTs that you already own, or use it as an NFT wishlist, or a favorites list.

Coinwink NFT Portfolio is a free feature that you can start using right now!

To add an NFT to your portfolio, simply select the NFT collection, enter the NFT ID, and click the “Add” button.

In the portfolio, every NFT is shown with its image, links to OpenSea and the NFT collection, also the NFT collection’s current floor price, and some extra price data. The data is updated every minute.

Additionally, the last sale price is available for every NFT, and at the bottom, the total portfolio floor price and total portfolio last sale values are presented.

NFT Watchlist

While the Coinwink NFT app is tracking hundreds of NFT collections, it is natural that for you only a part of the whole list is important.

Using the NFT Watchlist, you can easily create a custom set of NFT collections, without the need to look for them one by one every time in the main big list.

The collections you are going to track can be either collections of NFTs that you are looking to buy, or collections of NFTs that you already own.

NFT Watchlist is a quick and simple way to get a bird’s eye view of the NFT market’s situation about NFT collections that are important to you.

The NFT Watchlist feature is free to use, so start building your watchlist right now!

NFT Collections

Coinwink NFT is tracking NFT collections that are available on the OpenSea marketplace, and are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collections list is open for new additions to every user, hence the list of supported collections keeps growing.

You can add a new NFT collection easily, just by entering its OpenSea slug (…/collection/slug) from the OpenSea collection URL in the NFT Collections view.

Coinwink NFT collections default view is presented as a list of top NFT collections by the biggest NFT projects.

When you click on an individual collection, you can find more data about it: general description, smart contract information, price and volume statistics, direct links to OpenSea and Gem marketplaces for every individual collection, etc.

The NFT App for You

Coinwink NFT is a completely free web app, and we plan to keep it this way. So sign up for a free Coinwink NFT account, and start tracking your NFTs right away!

Coinwink NFT is currently in early beta — it’s the first public release, and therefore there can be bugs, and some features are still missing or not yet fully polished.

We appreciate your feedback. Please send us bug reports or feature requests by email.

And finally, spread the word about Coinwink NFT. Thank you!

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